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Client Case Studies


Mary had trust issues. Her husband died suddenly leaving her with over $25 million in net worth all tied up in unprofitable properties. For 15 years, she had been living on as little as  $22,000 per year. Thankfully, she realized her need for help and contacted our firm. Working together, we were able to help Mary optimize her estate which now provides $200,000 a year in tax-free income. Plus, we’ve been able to reduce the annual cost of managing her account by over $30,000. Planning and investments set up in silos cause a lot of heartache, especially when they’re sitting there, bringing no benefit to you. At Wealth Advocates, we don’t just push products to collect our next commission, our focus—and our passion—is making sure our clients have a plan that protects and grows their wealth so they have peace of mind and prosperity. We specialize in making your estate synchronized and rock solid. Frankly, it’s the only way to do it right. 

Got Trust Issues? We specialize in creating synchronized, rock-solid estates. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Fix your trust issues now.


Ron inherited some sizable 401ks upon his loved ones’ passing. Unfortunately, because the beneficiaries of the 401ks were the trust, the taxes were due immediately and wiped the value of the account by over 40%. Had Ron's parents been properly advised, those beneficiary designations on those 401ks would have been handled differently and the taxes could have been spread out over many years--such a costly, and avoidable mistake. Most clients don’t know what they don’t know and so much of their retirement and investment planning has been disjointed and handled by various providers over the years that they have no synchronized, coordinated estate. Problems are discovered only when a life event occurs such as retirement, death, disability, divorce.

Don’t wait until it’s too late--contact us today for a complimentary, free consultation. We’ll look at all of your investments, insurances, trusts, assets, liabilities and ensure you have a synchronized, rock-solid estate.

*These examples are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes only. This is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an investment recommendation or solicitation.  Please consult a financial professional to discuss your individual situation prior to making any investment decision.

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