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One constant among all of our clients is…the more money they make, the more complicated their life became. There were more legal concerns, more tax consequences, more implications for wealth building and there was a constant nagging question…Am I doing it right?

This is probably the most common question asked when people are looking for a Wealth Manager. Maybe the reason for the question has been that they have been doing it themselves. Maybe the reason is that they have professionals…but they have to coordinate it all. Either way, their financial life was limited to the extent of their own financial knowledge. If you were an accountant, attorney, and fund manager, this wouldn’t be a problem…but since few of us have all those skills at a professional level, we need help.

This is the difference between financial advice and Wealth Management. We are not going to give you a whole bunch of new ideas and expect you to make sure it works in your scenario, we make things happen. We work with your Attorney to make sure you are building on a solid financial foundation. We work with your accountant to make sure you are saving all in taxes that you can. If you don’t have these professionals, or others, we help you find a professional that you like working with and that can get the job done.

Our job is to be the project manager to make sure there are no missing pieces and that your plan is a cohesive whole. We meet with you quarterly to review progress, answer questions and develop a financial action checklist for the next quarter. We manage the whole of your investments and financial assets making time for you to live your life and sleep well at night.

If we can’t add value to your life, we won’t ask you to add value to ours.

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